VIP Black Belt Program

We have created a special program just for you, our loyal Bjjdepot customers. We will be awarding official BJJ belt rankings based on the number of orders you place with us. In turn, we will be offering exclusive promotions and discounts to the various ranks. The higher the rank, the better and more lucrative the promotions will be.

All current orders placed with us will automatically count toward your ranking. Promotions will be offered at each individual belt level, starting at blue belt.

The rankings will be as follows;

White belt (1 stripe to 4 stripes)

Blue Belt at 5 orders (1 stripe to 4 stripes)

Purple Belt at 10 orders (1 stripe to 4 stripes)

Brown Belt at 15 orders (1 stripe to 4 stripes)

Black Belt at 20 orders (1 stripe to 6 stripes)

Red and Black (Coral) Belt at 26 orders (7 stripes to 8 stripes)

Red Belt at 30 orders (9 stripes to 10 stripes)

Stay tuned for more delicious details as this program evolves!

BJJ belt ranking chart

BJJ belt ranking chart