Brands we carry is the place where BJJ enthusiasts go to buy their BJJ gear. It’s no accident that we just happen to be Canada’s top “gi-tailer”. We’re proudly Canadian, and it shows!

Our goal is to provide all fellow Canadian BJJ practitioners with top quality BJJ kimonos, BJJ gis, and jiu-jistu products, so that you’re no longer forced to deal with the hassles of purchasing from online retailers out of the US. As consumers ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be dealing with a fluctuating US exchange rate, surprise import duties, mystery brokerage fees, and potential shipping delays due to customs.

BJJ Depot takes all of the surprise and guesswork out of ordering the latest and greatest BJJ gear. We are based in Vancouver, BC, and we ship all across Canada and the USA.

Our mission is to scour the world in search of the latest and greatest BJJ products, and to purchase directly from the source to provide you with the best pricing and selection. If it’s not something we would use ourselves, we simply will not sell it. We also carry inventory of every product listed on our website, unlike many other drop-ship internet retailers out there. This leads to significanly faster order processing times and more accurate inventory.

On top of being a Canadian company who understands your needs, we also offer a price match guarantee, so that you’re not going to pay more than you would buying product out of the USA.

Please note that due to the fluctuating currency, our back-end pricing is in US Dollars. We offer a convenient currency calculator so that you can compare the exchange rate from USD to CDN, but ultimately you will be charged for your purchase in US Dollars.

No duties, no brokerage fees, no delays due to customs, and hassle free returns!

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that shipping to anywhere in Canada or the US (excluding Hawaii) is absolutely free for orders over $65 USD!