Street Fighter Blanka BJJ Gi

Street Fighter Blanka BJJ Gi
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Blanka…just the mention of his name evokes fear amongst his opponents in the World Warrior tournament. This once human feral savage can attribute his electrical superpowers and green skin to being exposed to electric eels after his plane crashed in the Brazilian Amazon. That, and lots of kale chips.

Harness his electricity with this awesome BJJ gi. Ever said to yourself “I wish that I could roll like Blanka?” Well, now you finally can… The upper arms feature woven patches of Blanka doing his signature moves. On the left Blanka can be seen shocking his opponents with his "electric thunder", and on the right patch his "rolling attack." We figured this was pretty fitting for anyone doing BJJ. A thick, black foam drawstring holds the pants up, so all you have to focus on is Jits. Reinforced red belt loops keep everything nicely in place.

The signature Street Fighter logo on the lower skirt warns your opponents not to mess with you, of course unless they want to be shocked into submission. Bright green contrast stitching is used throughout this black BJJ gi to match Blanka's lovely hue, and orange piping is also used to match his flowing mane.

The jacket is made of 550 GSM Japanese weave cotton, which is a thicker pearl weave material. Light and very durable, this gi is built to last, and to fend off the toughest martial artists on the planet such as Ryu and E Honda.

Inside you'll find an inner mesh lining covering the shoulder and neck area, featuring a lovely self portrait of Blanka looking his most feral. We made the sleeves slightly longer than most gis by an inch. The gi is pre-shrunk, but please remember that it will still shrink slightly if you wash it in hot and throw it in the dryer...not recommended unless you need to as this will not help prolong the life of your gi.

The pants are made of a super-soft 300 gram double twill cotton material that makes it feel like you're wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms to the fight. Ultra-comfortable, yet super durable.

Please note that the pants are also slightly longer than conventional BJJ pants. We've added about an inch to sizes A1/ A2, and about 2 inches to sizes A3/A4. We did this simply because our # 1 beef with most gis is that the pants look like jammers…not that we don't like jammers, but we don't want to wear them on the mats :) If your legs are on the "shorter" side, you may want to shrink them by washing in hot, and then using the dryer on low heat. This should shorten the pants by 1-2 inches.

Comes with a collectible Blanka gi bag.

This gi is ultra limited, and each piece will be individually numbered. Once they have sold out, this BJJ gi will not be re-issued and will be retired. Limit 2 per customer.

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Additional Information

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